Electronic cigarettes: No smoking, but lots of fuming

Top 10 Best Vapor Cigarette Starter Kits Flagged Off by Tech-Cigarete.com

Michael Siegel, a professor at the Boston University School of Public Health. “Unlike tobacco smoke, the vapor dissipates very quickly,” he says. “It looks like it’s probably very minor risk.” However, there is a social risk, Bialous points out, in that vapers drawing on stick-like objects and puffing out a smoke-like substance looks a lot like smokers, and may serve to normalize the habit again. Might kids be attracted to a product enjoyed by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio?
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Can electronic cigarettes help smokers kick the traditional habit?

Hence, if the debate is regarding the best electric cigarette starter kit then undoubtedly it is between V2 Cigs and South Beach Smoke. Still searching for the best electronic cigarette? Your search ends here! Get your best e cig starter kit by visiting, http://www.tech-cigarette.com/ About Tech-Cigarette.com: Tech-Cigarette.com is an e cigarette review website that is providing the best e cig reviews at all times. The top 10 electric cigarette brand reviews have been duly posted and then posted onto the brands main website, so as to ensure that smokers are able to make the right selection while opting for a starter kit.
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E-cigarette vapor devices being used to smoke pot, police say

SH13G195ECIGARETTES July 23, 2013 -- Mike Huber, a sales representative at the ECig Crib in Coon Rapids, Minn., shows an e-cigarette. (SHNS photo by Anna Reed / Minneapolis Star Tribune) (Newscom TagID: shnsphotos147239.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]$RETURN$$RETURN$

What’s this vapor stuff? It’s not cigarettes.'” Vaping, as it’s called, can be done with a gadget that resembles a cigarette or devices that look like large metal pens. Flavoring and nicotine are added to a base primarily made up of propylene glycol and glycerin. A lithium battery in the device heats the liquid, turning it to vapor.
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Electronic cigarettes gaining popularity in South Florida

Instructional videos are popping up on YouTube online showing people how to use e-cigarettes to take drugs, even reviewing certain models. Theres a lot of people who try to abuse it, said Barry Gray, who owns Smokers Vapor in St. Petersburg, Fla. She says shes helped hundreds of people leave cigarettes behind. But shes also seen other local merchants selling similar devices specifically designed for marijuana and hash.
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